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I've put together an initial version of a Python module for accessing the Bloglines Web Services. Details and downloads are on the PyBloglines project page. You'll need a copy of Mark Pilgrim's Universal Feed Parser, which is used when you get items.

Usage is:

from pybloglines import BloglinesWebServices
# password is optional if you're only calling update() to check unread count
bws = BloglinesWebServices("", "password")

To a count of the unread items for the user:

unreadCount = bws.update()

To get a list of subscriptions:

feeds = bws.listsubs()

This is returned as a list of Subscription objects where each entry has title, htmlUrl, type, xmlUrl, bloglinesSubId and bloglinesIgnore.

for feed in feeds:
    print feed.title

Get the items unread items for a feed, not marking them as read:

feedData = bws.getitems(bloglinesSubId)

What you get back is the result of passing the RSS returned by the BWS getitems call through feedparser so see the documentation for details on the structure.

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