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Getting the Subway Noteboard example up and running

After taking a first look at Subway a few weeks ago I've been doing a bit more work with it today in terms of getting the NoteBoard example app up and running.

I already had some of the dependencies installed (Python 2.4, Cheetah 0.9.17, MySQL, mysqldb) so I needed:

and then it was just a case of getting the latest version of subway itself.

These all install using the familar python install approach. After that the example can be started up by going into the examples/noteboard directory and running python scripts/

The one thing that did catch me out at first is that some of the .html templates are saved with CRLF line endings and these needed to be converted before things would work correctly under Linux. (this is mentioned in this posting to subway-devel.) The symptoms for this were receiving a from site import site ImportError: cannot import name site when trying to request the root page for the app.
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