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Saturday, 20th August 2005

Exhedra: a conferencing/forum application in Django

I've recently started some development on the Exhedra project (a conferencing/forum application) using Django. For anyone reading this post on SDJournal, the posts from this category are also syndicated on the Django Community page. Rather than clutter up that page with multiple posts about this project I've set up a separate weblog to cover it.
06:35PM in Django Exhedra

Monday, 25th July 2005

Django IRC logs to the rescue

The 2nd Django tutorial starts with getting the admin interface up and running by creating an initial user account and using the built in development web server. However, after following the instructions quite closely I was still getting Tried all URL patterns but didn't find a match for /admin when requesting the admin URL. A search of the IRC logs for #django revealed that for it to work the settings module must be set to .admin so if you're using myproject.settings.main for the working with the model in the first tutorial you'll need --settings=myproject.settings.admin.
10:12AM in Django

Wednesday, 20th July 2005

Django Framework

Django is a Python web application framework. It's been developed and used over the past 2 years to run a number of online news sites such as and It has recently been made available under a BSD license and already a community is building around it. It seems to be focused on automating as much as possible and adhering to the DRY principle.

Looks like Adrian Holavity and Jacob Kaplan-Moss are the guys behind it.

Update: From the FAQ, the other Django developers are Simon Willison (whose weblog I've been reading for a long time) and Wilson Miner.
10:05PM in Django (via The WELL software conference)