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Monday, 7th March 2005


Leonard Richardson recently emailed me a copy of OnDemandAmazonList, which can be used in conjection with PyAmazon to iterate over the results of an Amazon search as though it were a normal list.

Normally it's necessary to fetch the results from Amazon in batches by specifying a different value for the page parameter. Leonard's class abstracts this away by returning you results one at a time via the iterator's next() method which silently fetches the next lot of results from Amazon on demand as required.

This class can be downloaded from the Contributed Code section of the PyAmazon page.
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Monday, 30th August 2004

PyAmazon 0.65

PyAmazon 0.65, incorporates some changes submitted by Alex Choo to add support for Blended Search.
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Sunday, 13th June 2004

PyAmazon 0.64: Support for specifying locale and associate ID on a per search basis

PyAmazon 0.64, a new release of PyAmazon that incorporates a couple of patches that have been submitted by some helpful users.

Christian Theune provided a patch that allows the locale and Associates ID to be specified on a per search basis. This is useful if you need to talk to multiple catalogs in a multi-threaded environment and possibly under other circumstances too. Christian also submitted a fix to the Sales Rank code so that it works in locales where '.' is used as a thousands separator.

The locale can be passed to one of the search functions using an optional parameter. e.g.

results = amazon.searchByArtist('Jesse Malin', locale = 'uk')

and similarly for the Associates ID:

results = amazon.searchByAuthor('A. M. Homes', associate = 'josephsondoto-20')

Patrick Phalen sent in a change so that whitespace (e.g. trailing newlines) is stripped when reading the Amazon key from a file.

Finally, Akihiro Takizawa emailed to let me know that the Japanese sever's location has changed to so I've updated the locale definitions to reflect this.
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Thursday, 22nd April 2004

PyAmazon 0.63

Amazon have made some changes to AWS. Since April 16, 2004, SOAP and XML references to the version 1 services no longer function. This change causes PyAmazon to break.
PyAmazon 0.63 is an initial update release to fix this problem.

I hope to do some further testing and research around this issue and to release another update over the next few days if required.
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Sunday, 7th March 2004

PyAmazon: support for international Amazon sites

A while back I added support for to PyAmazon for use on one of my personal projects. This is now incorporated into a new release of PyAmazon: PyAmazon 0.62.

To make use of the international support you need to call amazon.setLocale(locale) before performing a search. locale can be any of "uk", "us", "de", "jp" - the country sites currently supported by Amazon Web Services.
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Thursday, 15th January 2004

I replied to Mark Pilgrim's post where he announced that he is looking for maintainers for some of his projects saying that I would be interested in becoming the maintainer for PyAmazon. He replied saying this will be OK.
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Tuesday, 14th October 2003

International support in PyAmazon

I've started to use Mark Pilgrim's PyAmazon to fetch information for MediaLib. As part of this I've modified it slightly so you can use a locale parameter to specify which Amazon site you'd like to use (.com, etc)
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